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Love our service? Help others to find a great company by recommending us. And earn recurring passive affiliate income every month!
Recurring Comission

Recurring hosting affiliate program let’s you earn lifetime from a referral.

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High Conversion Rate

We run re-targeting ads & marketing campaigns to maximize your conversion.

Highest Passive Earning

Your earning keeps coming every month even when you are not actively working.

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Dedicated Affiliate Support

Receive dedicated support from the affiliate manager and community.

Earn UPTO 25% Commission

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Powerful Affiliate Tracking System

Build Your Next Passive Income Stream

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Ready to Make Recurring Money?

Follow the three steps bellow and join our affiliate community. The exclusive marketing resources will help you to get started easily.

Get Started in 3 Simple Steps

It’s very easy to get started earning from our affiliate program. Just follow the few steps bellow and rock on!
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First you need to create an affiliate account take a look around the affiliate dashboard and generate your affiliate link.

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Create a promotion campaign strategically and automate the workflow to minimize the effort & maximize outcome.

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Earn Money

When you start getting sales, wait till the maturity period then pace withdrawal request and get paid.

Affiliate FAQ

Affiliate 15% Recurring on Shared Hosting.
Affiliate at VPS Hosting 25% One Time.
Affiliate at Reseller Hosting 5% One Time.
Business email affiliate 15% one time.
No, you can only Affiliate at Hosting.
By signing up from here you can become an affiliate partner of IT Nut Hosting.
No, you can’t promote direct links, but you can promote affiliate links through content.
You need to reach minimum $20 total amount to be eligible to withdraw the commission which can be achieved easily by one sale. So, it’s not hard at to get started and get paid.
We have a moneyback guarantee period and a few other security periods. So, we hold a sale commission for 60 days before it gets to the maturity period. Once your sale gets to the maturity period, you can withdraw the commission anytime.
We do not have any affiliate courses at the moment, but we share a variety of resources for our affiliate partners. Affiliate marketing course to be released soon.
We have tracking system integrated with our billing system that uses affiliate cookies tracking method when someone clicks your affiliate link and provides you a commission when someone makes a purchase. The cookies stays active for 60 days and the last referral gets the commission.
Unfortunately you can not purchase a service using your own affiliate link. Our AI based tracking system will notice it and mark it as affiliate abuse. In a worse situation this might get your affiliate account suspended and order cancellation without refund. So, we strongly recommend not to use affiliate link when you buy a service for yourself.

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